Steps and Instructions

Many online (internet) stores sell various supplies on a wholesale basis, at very competitive prices and at low or no shipping costs. This website suggests top researched choices for procuring and delivering these supplies in a timely and cost-effective manner. This website is also a tool to list all supplies needed and allows participants to select and "own" items to be contributed.


1. Interested participants can pick the item(s) of their choice on a first-come-first-serve basis.

2. Participants who pick the items have to provide their contact information such as phone number and email id in the "Pledge form".

3. In order to avoid duplicate purchases, items already picked will be made unavailable for picking by other participants.

4. Participants will individually purchase the items online and directly ship them to the locations. After making the purchase, participants have to send an email (please use the notification page) regarding their purchase.

5. We will follow up with the participants periodically to ensure timely purchase and shipment.

6. We will also follow up with the locations to confirm the receipt of the items.